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The Guilt Free Company is an Iconic lifestyle company made in Qatar. Born to promote a cultural shift to health, through clean and wholesome nutrition.

Our amazing range of clean and freshly made premium quality, tasty and healthy treats all are gluten free & refined sugar free with a fantastic selection of Vegetarian, Vegan & Protein treats available. We have something for everyone…

Our products are made by us using only the best whole ingredients to create our nourishing and mouthwatering range of amazing healthy treats.

This idea stemmed from our love for raw, organic, natural healthy food to now where we want to show you, you can eat even sweet food and still feel good and look great without having to diet and starve yourself into depression. We would like to share our passion for leading a healthier lifestyle by inviting you to eat our food and feel guilt free now.



When you’re a parent, you’re always looking to feed your child the best quality foods.


Now with The Guilt-Free Company, you can nourish your child with the healthiest premium quality foods, treats, and desserts.


Our products are packed with nutrients, superfoods, healthy fats, they are refined sugar-free, and preservatives-free.


Offer your child the chance to eat better and feel better while snacking on the healthiest, sinfully delicious treats.

Give your child the best opportunity to grow into a healthy lifestyle.